Visitors flock to Ibiza for its renowned sunsets, and it’s no wonder why. As a result, restaurants and bars have emerged at the prime vantage points across the island. The ones we highlight here, however, are truly exceptional. Not only are they positioned at the very best spots for witnessing those breathtaking sunsets, but they also offer exceptional cuisine, beverages, and atmospheres, providing the perfect complement to the unforgettable evening skies.

Set on the island’s north-west coast, Benirras is now one of Ibiza’s most talked about sunset destinations after decades of being a closely guarded locals’ secret. These days, it’s a must-visit for holidaymakers, especially on Sundays when the island’s drumming community come together for an iconic sunset experience that is like no other.

The medium-sized bay is made up of rocky, grainy sand and almost unbelievably clear water. Rising dramatically out of the sea is Cap Bernat, a striking rock formation locals call ‘The Hand of God’ (just one look at the shape will explain it), which makes an incredibly impressive focal point as the sun sets behind it. Very popular with families, bohemian hippy types and plenty of Ibiza’s tight-knit northern community, you’ll also find plenty of animals running around at Benirras – everyone’s welcome!

You do need to arrive to Benirras a little early on a Sunday to ensure you get a good spot on the beach for the hippy drumming performance. Due to congestion, cars are not permitted to drive down on Sundays, but regular shuttle buses take you from the parking lot at Can Curune direct to the beach. From around 8pm, musicians descend on the sand and – slowly but surely – each bongo-beat is joined by another, then another, and another, until sun-down itself – which turns the sky into a blaze of orange and red before darkness finally falls.

After the ritual of drumming the sun to sleep, beautiful beach restaurant Elements Ibiza on the right-hand side of the beach is the place to be, with music, delicious organic Mediterranean cuisine, amazing cocktails and a great selection of fine wines. It is here where you can really experience the authentic spirit of Ibiza, from 9pm until very late.

Nestled on the island’s picturesque shoreline, The Beach Caves offers a serene escape with direct beach and sea access, making it the ultimate destination for breathtaking sunset views. Located in the bohemian northern part of the island, this waterfront establishment seamlessly brings together hotel guests and the local community, fostering a sense of unity and celebration.

At The Beach Caves, the menu is an ode to seasonal produce, beautifully weaving together the flavors of Latin America and the Mediterranean. Guests can indulge in modern cocktails and delectable Latin American cuisine, all set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing seaside vista. If you visit during the summer on a Wednesday, don’t miss “Cosmic Tales,” a lively event featuring a DJ set to dance the night away.

The culinary offerings are characterized by their focus on local, fresh, and seasonal sharing dishes inspired by the festive cultures of Latin America and the Mediterranean. You’ll find an array of classic dishes and an ever-evolving list of specials. Additionally, the bar boasts a thoughtfully curated selection of Agave-distilled spirits, tequila, and mezcal, for those seeking an authentic taste of Mexico.

What truly sets The Beach Caves apart is its unwavering commitment to social sustainability and conscious hospitality. Adhering to strict guidelines, the establishment ensures that each experience is both palate-pleasing and planet-positive. They pledge to eliminate plastic and waste, embracing an all-organic ethos that respects the environment and the local community. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of responsible and unforgettable dining by the sea.

The famous Café Del Mar is iconic, and here you can experience the vibrant energy of the island’s famous nightlife whilst also taking in the breath-taking sight of the sun setting on the horizon. Café Del Mar has been around since 1980, when it first started to cater for the demand of sunset-seeking revellers. Set in San Antonio bay, Café Del Mar serves up some awesome cocktails and is known across the music industry for its chill-out compilation albums. Get there early to grab a good spot or you could end up being disappointed if you miss out on the full experience.

For lovers of Ibiza sunsets, there’s a new player in town. Cotton Beach is an all-new, incredible hotspot from which to witness the nightly spectacular of the sun melting into the Mediterranean Sea, complete with fabulous food, delicious cocktails and awesome entertainment.

Situated on the island’s southwest coast – on the beach at Cala Tarida to be precise – Cotton Beach Club sits forty metres above sea level, with truly breathtaking views. Take a seat on the stunning rooftop terrace and be prepared to experience some serious wow factor, as day turns to sunset then to night.

Cocktails are expertly shaken and stirred before your eyes, and an impressive wine list awaits those with discerning tastes. After dark, the entire venue softly flickers with candlelight, with indoor and outdoor fireplaces crackling on cooler evenings, with luxe, snug blankets also available for guests to wrap up in should the need arise.

The Cotton Beach Club kitchen remains open until 11pm, offering an extensive (and delectable!) global fusion menu plus sushi made at the hands of the island’s best masters.  Come for sunset, then stay for dinner, under the spell of Cotton Beach Club’s unique Ibiza magic.

Rumour has it that the monolithic limestone rock formation of Es Vedra, off Cala D’hort on the south coast of Ibiza, is the third most magnetic point in the world. It has long been referred to as the source of Ibiza’s inexplicable energy. While geologists say not, one thing that is unquestionable is its beauty at sunset, best viewed from the beach or one of its restaurants, or the deserted pirate lookout tower of Torre de Savinar.

Es Vedra is the source of many island myths and legends: some claim to have seen UFOs flying above it, old wives’ tales say it’s the ancient site of the lost city of Atlantis, others have heard siren calls from the shore and mystics say it has healing powers. As the sun goes down, it’s almost impossible not to feel energy emanating from the rock.

The experience can become quite emotional from the lookout point, as you witness the sky start to change from orange and gold to pink and purple, before darkness finally falls and the sky is twinkling with stars. Whether you go solo to meditate, practice yoga, chant or pray, or you go in a group with a bottle of cava, it’s a sunset that should be experienced at least once in your lifetime.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of a rolling green hill, just like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, Cala D’Hort is one of Ibiza’s most magical and laidback beaches. The arc-shaped golden beach boasts uninterrupted front row seats to the sunset, and you can take your pick from three seafood restaurants if you want the ‘dinner and a show’ sunset experience. On the left-hand side of the hill, presiding over it all from its hilltop advantage is Es Boldado, while on the sand Restaurant Cala D’hort and Restaurante El Carmen offer slightly different vantage points. All the more reason to visit Es Vedra for sunset more than once!

When many people think of Ibiza sunsets, they think of the island’s west coast. But those in the know realise that the hottest sunset ticket in town is located in the south, and thus make a bumpy, dirt-tracked beeline to Experimental Beach Ibiza at Cap des Falco.

Set right in heart of the Ses Salines salt flats, Experimental Beach Ibiza boasts views across the Mediterranean to the very tip of Es Vedra, a spectacular sight as the sun sinks into the horizon. But of course, it’s not all about the view.

As a member of the renowned group behind Experimental Cocktail Club (spanning Paris, London and New York), ECC Beach also offers exquisite cuisine, bespoke cocktails, an impressive wine list and exceptional service… all within one of the most stylishly bohemian settings on the island.

Laze around on the luxe sunbeds, with a glass of rosé or a quirky punchbowl (think pineapples, coconuts and conch shells) filled with cocktails to share as you take in nature’s nightly show. Afterwards, take a seat on the terrace beneath the stars and tuck into the deluxe Mediterranean menu and soak up more of the warm, friendly and fun ECC Beach ambience.

On the outskirts of San Antonio, set on the rocky, rugged outcrops of Cap Negret, La Torre Ibiza is the reincarnation of what was once an old-school cheap Spanish hostel, bar and restaurant with a view to die for. The view remains of course, but the revamp – courtesy of island sunset specialists Mambo Group – has seen the property return to its former glory, and then some.

The rooms are divine, with a California feel, and the terrace restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it is at sunset when La Torre Ibiza really shines. With a truly Balearic, emotive soundtrack courtesy of some of the island’s best resident DJs, La Torre also serves up fabulous cocktails and great food, plus uninterrupted views over the glistening Mediterranean Sea. It’s the ideal place to swerve the sunset crowds.

As intense, fiery skies ripple with hues of violet, fuschia and gold, the clarity of the sunset here is truly breathtaking. Starting with a pastel haze of blue, as the horizon meets the sea and the sun’s reflection casts a violet tinge onto the water, the blazing ball of orange sun then casts gorgeous burnt amber hues onto the sea and rocks, before melting into the sea. The unspoilt surroundings make it easy to imagine what the sunset strip must have been like, back before it was discovered by music-loving tourists.

Despite its relatively secret status, the intimate size of La Torre Ibiza means that in the summer you’ve got to plan ahead and make a reservation. Winters are a more relaxed affair, though it’s a little chilly on the cliffside terrace so be sure to wrap up!

At the furthest point of Talamanca Bay, with breathtaking sunset views across the Med to Dalt Vila, sits the chic Ibiza dining destination of Sa Punta. The restaurant has become a must-visit on the Ibiza gastronomic map since its inception over ten years ago, and over time has evolved to also include two additional ‘restaurant-within-a-restaurant’ concept spaces: Patchwork and Ginger.

As the sun starts to set, the original Sa Punta terrace becomes a candlelit paradise. With chic wooden decking and stylish décor, accessorised with striking gold and white detailing, the colours of the sunset simply serve to amplify its beauty. Chic and sophisticated, it is the perfect setting for a fine dining sunset experience, with Mediterranean-influenced cuisine served alongside exceptional wines.

Meanwhile, up on the roof terrace, Patchwork is bursting with colour, individuality, ambience and flavours. Colourful and comfortable couches, piles of plush cushions, and stylish low tables and eclectic decoration, set it apart from its downstairs ‘big sister’. Start with a cocktail at the custom-designed bar, before taking a seat to peruse the sharing menu – the one and only restaurant in Ibiza serving authentic Lebanese food – as you watch the sunset.

In a separate space tucked into the side of the hill with a bird’s-eye view to the old town, Ginger is the final piece of the puzzle. The vibrant, eclectic-chic décor ranges from Art Deco style Chinese armchairs and vibrant embellished Balinese umbrellas to lighting shaped like exotic frangipani flowers, brightly painted bamboo accessories and quirky wooden birds. A delicious sharing menu comprised of homemade Asian favourites, light bites and classic creations is on offer, designed to be savoured from sunset until 3am nightly.

The Ibizan sunset is as iconic as the island’s famous night clubs and DJs. Ask any long-term visitor or local about their favourite vantage point, and you’ll be sure to hear about Ibiza sunset restaurant Sunset Ashram.

Perched on the peak between the golden sandy beaches of Cala Conte, on the west coast of the island, Sunset Ashram is all about connecting with the nature around you, appreciating the moment and feeling, rather than just viewing, the magical sunset moment.

Just as the view is an alternative to the typical Ibiza sunset bars, so too is the music. The laidback, bohemian restaurant space offers a rotating roster of the best Balearic DJs, providing the perfect musical soundtrack to the emotive sunset scenes over the Mediterranean Sea.

Adding further to the appeal of Sunset Ashram is the Asian fusion style menu, with mouth-watering creations all designed to share between friends. Of course, the ultimate sunset accessory is an icy cold cocktail and Sunset Ashram do not disappoint … whatever you’re craving, they’ve got you covered.