We don’t just handle holidays. If you’re looking to sell your property, we can help find the perfect buyer. A broad network of potential purchasers, and our deep knowledge about their needs and preferences, will smooth your sale on its way.

Selling property can be tough, particularly from a distance. The good news is that we’re experts in the global property market – and we can help you find exactly the right buyer, smoothing down the sales process so it’s as seamless as possible.

You don’t develop a catalogue of the worlds finest properties by accident – we’ve managed it through getting to know agents and owners, architects and designers, over many years. That puts the Inhabit Ibiza team in an ideal position to understand your property – and how to sell it.

Our global network encompasses potential purchasers of all kinds, and over the years we’ve got to know our clients’ preferences and needs very well. We can match your property directly to a buyer who’s been looking for it without yet knowing it exists.

If you live away from the destination and are looking to sell your property on to a buyer who will enjoy it as much as you have, we can help forge the connections that can make a sale. Finding the right person for luxury villas can be tricky; but it’s our business, and we’re good at it.

Get in touch today to talk to us about how we work – and here’s to a quick, profitable sale!


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