Not every trip is a short one. Many of our clients have reason to stay in beautiful destinations for periods of four weeks and greater — sometimes for a whole season, often for an entire year. Longer stays like this require a different approach to a mere holiday – and often a different kind of property.

Longer-term stays make specific demands on the property you’ll be calling home. We have years of experience in sourcing and securing properties that are perfectly suited for longer stays.

From seasonal arrangements – both summer and winter – to annual rentals that provide the use of a property for a full year, we can help ensure that your time on the island has a luxurious home suited to your particular needs as its centrepiece.

Our long-term rentals service is informed by the same extensive knowledge and commitment to quality that our short-term clients enjoy. We specialise in properties that are beautiful to look at and practical to live in, finding the best examples of every property type in locations across each of our destinations.

Nor do we leave our clients at the door with a key: however long your stay, we’ll be on hand throughout to help solve problems and source staff. From chefs to housekeepers, security teams to chauffeurs, we can help make your weeks and months easy as well as comfortable.

We work across the worlds most glorious locations. We know the best properties, and finest professionals, exceedingly well.. Contact us today to make your longer stay a better one.