Ibiza is an island teeming with restaurants around every corner, but selecting the ideal one can be a hassle-free experience! Our team of adventurous tasters has meticulously curated a collection of only the finest restaurants. Ibiza boasts a treasure trove of superb dining establishments that cater to the discerning palates of its visitors. Whether you prefer unassuming cafes with humble exteriors or indulge in truly opulent haute cuisine, Ibiza offers memorable dining experiences to suit every taste and budget. Here are our top picks for the island’s best eateries – so sit back, unwind, and savor the exceptional culinary offerings.

In many ways, Aubergine Ibiza can be described as the quintessential Ibizan experience. Part of the famous Atzaró Group, the restaurant is housed in a traditional finca, and its ingredients are sourced fresh from the surrounding fields – it’s a peaceful sanctuary where the atmosphere is palpably authentic, and yet it’s so much more than that.

Located on the main road from Santa Gertrudis to San Miguel, Aubergine Ibiza has its own dusty, rustic outcrop to call home. A place that sings with passion for healthy food and a penchant for hosting one-of-a-kind gatherings, it brings together a community of like-minded people on its lush, bucolic land.

The star of the show is a farm-to-table, day-to-night seasonal menu, which features deluxe salads, sharing plates, mains and kids’ meals. Wine is organic, and water is purified onsite via a hi-tech osmosis system. All this is relished on the vine-covered alfresco terrace, or indoors, where in winter the space is kept cosy with a roaring fire.

Nestled at the far end of the picturesque harbour walls that embrace Ibiza Town’s glamorous port, Roto Ibiza stands as a chic and sophisticated hotspot in Botafoc Ibiza, offering breath-taking views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dalt Vila. Settle on the refined terrace with a sundowner cocktail and witness the boats as they return from Formentera, all while anticipating a delightful meal featuring Mediterranean classics like seafood, pasta, and grilled meats, alongside international favourites like burgers and tacos.

Boasting one of the most impressive harbor views, Marina Botafoch proudly introduces ROTO as its latest gem. Positioned amid the stunning yachts, with a panorama that includes the charming old town of Ibiza, ROTO offers a tranquil setting to unwind. The interior exudes a relaxed and cozy ambiance, featuring elements like Chesterfield sofas, wooden accents, and vintage music records. It presents a delightful contrast to the opulence and grandeur of the surrounding yachts.

ROTO’s culinary repertoire is a fusion of Mediterranean flavors with international influences. Imagine savoring delectable fresh seafood and locally sourced olive oil, always complemented by authentic wines sourced from the island. It’s the perfect locale to people-watch (or boat-watch, naturally) while relishing a delightful lunch or dinner.

Nestled in the heart of San Lorenzo, you’ll find the renowned La Paloma café, a hidden gem in a charming village at the center of Ibiza. This family-owned café has been delighting patrons since 2008, offering a diverse menu inspired by culinary traditions from all corners of the world. It caters to a variety of dietary preferences, including vegan and vegetarian options. The serene ambiance at La Paloma sets it apart from the bustling cafes found in more popular Ibiza locations.

The candlelit garden, graced with fragrant orange and lemon trees, creates the perfect setting for savoring a delicious meal with a distinct vibe. What’s even better is that during the winter months, you can still savor the La Paloma experience, but with the added comfort of a cozy fireplace in the indoor café.

This venue is currently a hot spot, featuring a rooftop setting that offers breathtaking views while serving delectable Lebanese cuisine day and night. It stands out as one of the prime locations to witness a stunning sunset, and its name hints at the artistic, design-focused atmosphere that makes it a favored destination for relaxation.

Situated in Talamanca Bay, Patchwork allows you to indulge in exquisite cuisine and beverages while enjoying music well into the early hours, creating a memorable and vibrant experience.

Nestled deep in the serene countryside of San Antonio, La Torre is not only a hotel but also welcomes diners seeking an exceptional meal. The menu at La Torre offers a delightful fusion of local delicacies and internationally inspired dishes, encompassing tapas, seafood, and gourmet offerings that enhance the complete sunset experience.

When it comes to catching one of Ibiza’s legendary sunsets, La Torre Ibiza takes centre stage. The boutique hotel and restaurant sits on the west coast on the island in prime position for the nightly spectacle of the sun gently dipping into the sparkling sea.

Set on the cliffside of Cap Negret, the venue exudes old school Ibiza vibes thanks to its rustic chic décor, laid-back vibes, breathtaking views and an exceptional DJ roster, with special guests sound-tracking every evening. Take a seat on the open-air terrace and enjoy the seasonally inspired menu, fantastic cocktails and emotive soundtrack. A magical unmissable experience.

Casa Linda marks the Balearic debut of the highly esteemed Spanish restaurateur, Tomás Abellán, and it pays homage to the rich culinary heritage of Catalonia. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of San José, this exclusive dining oasis resides within a private garden, offering a serene escape.

In the tranquil hills of San José, you’ll find Casa Linda, the latest venture from the renowned restaurateur Tomás Abellán, the creative genius behind Barcelona’s renowned hotspots, Casa Luz and Bar Alegría. At the helm of the kitchen is the talented Mariano Segura, formerly of Tickets in Barcelona, while Abellán’s sister, Júlia Navarro, takes on the role of Ibiza restaurant manager. The outcome is a sanctuary of tranquillity boasting kaleidoscopic sunset views and a menu deeply rooted in the traditions of Catalonia.

Casa Linda embodies the principles of simplicity, authenticity, and vibrant flavours. It champions the concept of “comida casera,” which translates to homemade food. At this Ibiza restaurant, every seasonal ingredient is sourced locally, nurtured through close relationships with the island’s expert fishermen and farmers, ensuring a genuine taste of Ibiza’s culinary heritage.

Few sensations rival the exhilaration of hitting the open road, accelerator to the floor, windows rolled down, and the added bonus of indulging in cuisine from a quintessential roadside haven. This sentiment rings especially true at Lydia’s Smokehouse, an Ibiza restaurant where generous servings of soul-soothing, delectable dishes come with a side of classic American diner charm. Here, wood-smoked meats and smash-style burgers serve as the fuel that propels your journey forward.

Nestled quietly under the radar yet rapidly establishing itself as an island institution, Lydia’s Smokehouse promises a dining experience that should not be missed. It reshapes the concept of dining at a traditional South American diner, thanks to the vision of owner John Malek. His mission is to transform your perception of centuries-old barbecue traditions. Rest assured, the menu retains all the beloved classics, but with a distinctive Lydia’s Smokehouse twist.

Naturally, Lydia’s Smokehouse dedicates a section of its menu to barbecue, featuring tantalizing slow-cooked pork ribs and pulled pork smoked at low temperatures for a mouthwatering 12 hours.

Ibiza’s worst kept secret is where you’ll find its best-tasting food: a legendary local spot set beneath lantern-strewn orange trees on the restaurant-packed San Juan Road. They only serve grilled meats, and the lamb chops are finger-licking good, but first-timers should try the towering mixed grill (ask for it sin conejo if you’re not a bunny-boiler). Side orders of hand-cut potato chips and an oil-slicked tomato and sweet onion salad are superlative, the best you’ll taste anywhere.

Ibizan charm is combined with the best of Japanese culinary tradition at Nagai, where the finest Japanese organic rice allies with a wonderfully broad sushi offering. All tastes are catered for at this beautiful restaurant, where silky tuna, turbot and salmon complement the finest Negithoro Rolls topped with ginger and tobiko. Nagai’ Dragon Roll, meanwhile, is renowed amongst Ibizan foodies for being so good that one is simply never enough!

Nagai isn’t to be missed in more ways than one: standing proud of the other eateries on Ibiza’s famed San Juan ‘restaurant road’ thanks to its eye-catching geisha wall-painting by the world-famous artist Findac, the restaurant also delivers once you’re inside, with a menu the likes and quality of which you won’t fund anywhere else.

From the lightest imaginable tempura to plump gyozas; from signature ceviche with lemongrass and ginger to a very special carpaccio of yellowtail with fennel, Nagai delivers. Caviar and ponzu jelly; Alaskan black cod marinated in miso; Wagyu beef tatami; copious vegetarian and vegan options … all are present and very much correct.

Sake and cocktail enthusiasts needn’t worry, either: Nagai’s expert mixologists will deliver bespoke cocktails and complementary sake all night long, while a Brazilian-themed band, local DJs and live musicians provide the perfect soundtrack to your meal. Alongside an  exclusive, stylish boutique and a gallery of fabulous artwork, Nagai’s food, drink and ambience really does make for a very special dining experience.

It’s a million-dollar view past the super yachts across the Med to Dalt Vila, but there’s one venue in the glitzy Marina Ibiza area where you don’t have to glam up too much to enjoy it. Sa Calma is a gorgeous yet casual bar and eatery, popular with locals for meetings and catch-ups with friends, and the boating set for après-sea cocktails.

Start with an early morning breakfast of tostadas and pastries, followed by a lunch menu heavy with Spanish classics – naturally, seafood features a lot. With a view like this you’re advised to order some cava, darling … Especially as you kick back and enjoy the spectacular views as the sun sets.

Nestled in the heart of Ibiza town’s iconic main square, La Cava Ibiza exudes a chic café ambiance that seamlessly extends from its stylish interior to its sunlit terrace. Catering to a dynamic and professional clientele, this vibrant Ibiza restaurant is the perfect destination for a quick bite, a business luncheon, or some post-work tapas in the bustling capital city of the island.

Within the urban-inspired interior of La Cava Ibiza, rattan lampshades cast warm pools of light over the long seating area, while distinctive black and white tiles at the bar evoke a metropolitan feel. An open kitchen provides a glimpse into the culinary creativity transpiring behind the scenes at La Cava Ibiza. Step out onto the terrace, and you’ll encounter colourful pots of cacti set against the backdrop of lush, towering trees.

Starting from noon and extending throughout the day, this Ibiza restaurant serves up an imaginative tapas menu that draws inspiration from the cuisine of northern Spain. Highlights include the delectable crunchy calamari “bocata” (sandwich), indulgent croquetas featuring options like Iberian ham or leek and smoked aubergine, beloved classics such as Spanish tortilla (potato omelette), zesty patatas bravas, and the ever-popular padron peppers.

Few locations rival the sheer splendour of CBbC Marina Sta Eulalia, a refined waterfront restaurant brought to life by the prestigious CBbC Group and endorsed by the esteemed Repsol Guide. Poised in a prime setting adjacent to the cerulean waters of the Santa Eulalia Marina, this enchanting dining establishment offers a symphony of sights and sounds. Here, the gentle clinking of sailboat rigging harmonizes with the whisper of the breeze while waves caress the dock, all accompanied by the tunes spun by a DJ or the rhythms of live music. Operating daily from 1 pm to midnight, it stands as the quintessential location for a stylish waterfront lunch or dinner. This venue presents unrivalled views of the harbour, a laid-back ambiance, and a seasonal menu that draws inspiration from the bountiful produce and stunning landscapes of Ibiza.

The à la carte menu at CBbC Marina Sta Eulalia unfolds in an array of delectable sections, making it nearly impossible to choose from. You can indulge in generously portioned salads, freshly crafted pasta, delectable vegetarian offerings, and even a special menu tailored for children. Naturally, the proximity to the sea infuses every dish with a distinctive coastal essence.

The Ibiza restaurant creates an easy-going atmosphere that encourages diners to unwind and savour life’s uncomplicated joys.

Locals Only is a restaurant and wine bar that has proven extremely fashionable amongst Ibizan’s style- and sustainability-conscious foodies. With a focus – as the name suggests – on local produce, Locals Only is a true “farm-to-table” restaurant. At the heart of Ibiza town on Plaza del Parque, it is the ideal spot for coffee or lunch, dinner or cocktails – and it has the feel of a real neighbourhood eatery.

With brunch at the weekends, and kids always welcome, the informal air of Locals Only is the work of Tito Piazza, originally of Venice and then New York but now a fully adopted Ibizan. Opening for the first time in 2014, Locals Only develops on everything Piazza learned while executive chef for Cipriani group for two decades.

That makes for a truly world-beating Mediterranean-influenced menu, with a good deal of Italian influence.  Fresh organic produce is the base of the restaurant’s menu, which is attractive in its sophisticated simplicity: healthy salads sit next to gourmet sandwiches as lunchtime snacks, and in the evenings things get very special.

As you’d expect, Locals Only’s extensive wine and cocktail lists are on point, and features – of course! – local organic wines at its centre. Unpretentious but deeply chic, Locals Only is both a true hot-spot of Ibizan culinary culture and a truly relaxed spot for diners who know their food.

Even before it welcomed its first patrons in 2023, there was a palpable excitement surrounding the emergence of the fusion eatery, Yalla Ibiza, and now, it’s safe to say that all the buzz was entirely justified. This is a must-visit destination for those seeking a delectable feast inspired by the vibrant flavours of the Middle East. The visionary behind this Ibiza restaurant is none other than Lana Love, the founder and mastermind behind the globally renowned Passion Café empire. Adding another illustrious chapter to her already impressive repertoire, Lana has meticulously crafted both the mouth-watering menu and the sophisticated dining atmosphere in Santa Gertrudis—the island’s cosmopolitan epicentre for food enthusiasts.

Situated at the heart of this charming village, every dining experience at this scorching-hot new Ibiza restaurant promises to ignite the senses. The menu at Yalla Ibiza kicks off with its signature “salatim” section, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening in the balmy Balearic night. This section offers a sumptuous assortment of nine salads, mezze, and chilled dips meant to be shared among the table and savoured at a leisurely pace.

As the sun sets, Yalla Ibiza comes alive, promising to ignite not only tastebuds but also conversations, creating a vibrant and memorable dining experience.