Mykonos comes into its own at night. From the host of prime positions from which to watch a deep orange and purple sunset, to the number of sophisticated cocktail bars, and the choice of uber cool clubs to head to in the small hours, it’s as if the island was made for partying – and it will deliver a night you won’t forget in a hurry!

Founded in 1987, Astra remains one of the famous, and glamorous, nightlife destinations on the island of Mykonos, attracting the likes of Rolling Stone Keith Richards and fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana. This is the place to see and be seen on the island.

The bar was founded by Babis Pasaoglou, a well‐known figure on the lively local party‐scene since the 1970s. Having opened a couple of highly successful bars, with Astra he decided to do something a little different, enlisting the help of friend and world‐renowned jeweller Minas. He created an intimate nightclub and bar, housed inside a simple Aegean‐style cottage, with white‐washed walls and blue shutters. Within the roof Minas installed a stunning fibre‐optic ceiling that mirrors the constellations of the northern hemisphere night sky, and pulses in time with the music.

Outside, the terrace is decked out all in white and attracts a well‐heeled crowd who flock here from late afternoon until late into the night to sip champagne and eye up visiting celebs. In August it’s reservation only out here.

Meanwhile the dance‐floor really gets going from midnight onwards, drawing in everyone from socialites and jet‐setters to those who simply want to party into the small hours to good music in great surroundings.

Located in the Tria Prigadia area of Mykonos, Bonbonniere has a great impact on Mykonos night and social life. Sister club to the Bonbonniere Club in London, Bonbonniere Mykonos is a venue frequently visited by celebrities and known for throwing some of the biggest parties Mykonos has to offer.

The venue offers shisha and award-winning cocktails from the early hours of the evening, then turns into a club where bottle service, DJs, shows and acts grace the rich and famous with a night to remember.

Reservations are always recommended to ensure a table will be available as the popularity of Bonbonniere makes them one of the most frequently sold out venues of the island.

Cavo Paradiso is regarded by the music industry community, its artists and clubbers worldwide as one of the most impressive music & entertainment venues on the planet.

It’s acquired legendary status over the years not only for the Island of Mykonos but also in the wider international clubbing community for some of the most memorable parties on the Island of Mykonos and it is a must-see attraction to anyone that is passing by this famous rock in the heart of Greece’s historic archipelago.

One of the most popular Mykonos’ clubs, Guzel is a must-visit destination for those looking for late night experiences and after-dark partying! The ultimate culmination of Mykonian nightlife for the past decade, while its stylish, cozy atmosphere combined with its pleasant and professional staff will always make you feel welcomed!

Void – the nightclub of Mykonos. Blending both past and future aesthetics, the design stays faithful to its Mykonian minimal roots. A split level venue that brings a new standard to Mykonos’ nightlife. With a dynamic entertainment schedule, Void brings the best names in dance music.

The name Void is the perfect way to describe this Mykonos nightclub – it is a sprawling architectural compound of bar and dance floor rising up at the sides to an additional level. The ground floor is expansive and is one of the best places to experience the aesthetics of the venue, particularly when it is not too busy. Levels two and three feature seating areas, while the gallery above has VIP tables, its own bars, and large windows overlooking the Void below. The décor of the Void is futuristic with flowing lines, endless curves that resemble sound waves, fluorescent lights, and unique shapes.

A place that promises to stimulate all your senses, that’ s Void!

Enjoy great DJs and a lively atmosphere in one of the best – and most intimate – nightclubs in Mykonos: Moni.

Moni is a hidden gem. It’s a club that the locals go to which is the best endorsement you can get.  It offers a unique combination of local charm and international clubbing, with hospitality that welcomes people from anywhere in the world.

The decor of the club is simple and almost homely, but that matches with the philosophy of the venue – its motto is “more than family.”

Many are impressed by the club’s intimate setting. In fact, it feels more like an exclusive club for private members than one open to the public.