Have you had the chance to explore Ibiza’s renowned hippy markets? They rank among the island’s most popular attractions and are an absolute must-visit for every holidaymaker. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the markets happening around the island. Some markets are exclusive to the summer season, while others operate year-round, each offering its own distinct ambiance. Take a moment to peruse the list and choose which one you’d like to explore!

Sundays in San Juan come alive with the vibrant market, offering a treasure trove of delightful finds. If you have a penchant for organic produce, this is the destination to explore. The market boasts a diverse array of stalls, brimming with homemade jams, olive oils, and artisan crafts, each one a potential eye-catching discovery.

For those in search of a special memento to commemorate their time in Ibiza, the market has you covered. Handmade jewelry, clothing, and artwork are among the options you can peruse and select from. Whether you’re seeking organic goodies or unique souvenirs, the San Juan market is a captivating place to wander and explore.

The Hippy markets are an immensely popular destination for both day and evening outings, offering a glimpse into the enduring love affair between the bohemian lifestyle and the enchanting White Isle, Ibiza. These markets are scattered across different areas of the island, with notable locations including Es Cana on Wednesdays and San Carlos on Saturdays.

A visit to the Hippy markets promises a colorful and immersive experience. You’ll encounter vibrant displays of tie-dyed clothing, bags, belts, as well as an array of food and fresh produce. The rhythmic beats of bongo drums fill the air, and fortune tellers are on hand to predict your future if you’re willing to part with some silver or Euros.

The Night Market, set within the picturesque San Carlos grounds, presents an abundance of gift ideas. You can explore stalls offering unique jewelry, boho accessories, diverse fashion styles, art pieces, quirky gifts, and more. Additionally, there are bars, an internationally themed restaurant, a relaxed Mediterranean café, food stalls, a juice bar, and live music, ensuring your journey through the winding rows of stalls is accompanied by toe-tapping tunes and a vibrant atmosphere.

When it comes to procuring the freshest fruit, vegetables, and meats on the island, local fresh produce markets are the preferred choice over supermarkets. These markets offer the opportunity to purchase fish that’s practically straight out of the water, as well as organic ingredients for crafting exquisite cuisine.

One standout option is the Mercat Nou, situated in Ibiza Town. This bustling indoor market ranks among the island’s best places to find fresh and high-quality products. Additionally, Santa Eulalia hosts an excellent fresh produce market that operates six days a week, providing a convenient option for sourcing fresh ingredients.

The Forada market is a treasure trove of beautifully crafted ornaments, one-of-a-kind paintings, sculptures, and an array of stunning creations. Meandering through this vibrant market, you may chance upon poetry readings and street performances, with live music often setting the tone and entertaining the crowds. In addition to the market stalls, there’s also a designated chill-out area where you can unwind and soak in the captivating atmosphere. It’s a place that offers not just artistic finds but also a rich cultural experience.

The San Rafael market is a haven for ceramics enthusiasts, offering a showcase of high-quality examples of this art form. While exploring the market, you can also indulge in other delights. You can purchase fresh fruit to savor the flavors of the island, or sample some of the famous Hierbas Ibicancas, a locally produced herbal liqueur that is sure to infuse you with the party spirit. This market promises a delightful blend of artistic appreciation and culinary exploration.