Eating out can be indulgent without being calorific. Many visitors to Ibiza aren’t looking to pile on the pounds – but they still want to enjoy eating out. Fortunately, there’s been an explosion on the island over the last few years of health-focused eateries that don’t compromise on taste and quality. This is our hand-picked list of the best of the bunch.

In San Lorenzo, the famous La Paloma café nestles in a little village at the centre of the island. This family run café has been around since 2008 and provides dishes inspired from places of all corners of the world. They also cater for a variety of diets, with vegan and vegetarian options. The tranquil setting feels quite different to the cafés in the more popular locations of Ibiza.

The candlelit garden, adorned with orange and lemon trees, make this the perfect place to try a nice meal with a different vibe. The good news is that throughout the winter you can still enjoy the La Paloma experience – but with the benefit of a cosy fire in the indoor café.

There are some island restaurants that burst onto the scene with a bang, and there are others that enter quietly, slowly gaining a reputation as a result of exceptional food and setting; growing in stature thanks to word of mouth. Mikasa Restaurant falls into the latter camp. A favourite among locals and those in-the-know, this hotspot is located within the picturesque surroundings of Marina Botafoch – in the hotel of the same name, Mikasa Ibiza, where a plant-based kitchen, nature and sustainability are key to its mindful ethos.

Open to hotel guests and the public alike, Mikasa specialises in the kind of nourishing cuisine that makes you want to kick off your shoes, sit back and take your time. The perfect spot for clean eating, the menu here brings the best of Mother Earth to your plate, putting plants at the forefront. Only the highest quality produce is sourced locally to ensure perfection and optimum flavours.

A favourite with the fitness enthusiasts and health conscious alike is Passion Café, which serves up all kinds of wonderful and very healthy dishes. Despite their name, most of the Passion venues are seen as more of a restaurant than a café, and as such and offer some fantastic dishes to try.

The original Passion Café is still at Playa d’en Bossa but there are five more at different locations across the island. Offering fine dining in the evening, they are a really popular choice for those seeking vegan and vegetarian dining options. Passion Santa Eulalia is a great one to visit, with great views to accompany your healthy and tasty meal.

The Giri Residence in San Juan village square is a beautiful hotel that plays host to just as special an eatery: the Giri Café is a standalone restaurant that offers a good deal more than its unfussy name suggests. Giri’s kitchen is a remarkable place, and the food that comes out of it is touched with a rare enthusiasm and care for fine cuisine.

“Modern Mediterranean” is the simple explanation of Giri’s menu. It emphasises bold, simply flavours and healthy, pure ingredients. Whether fresh from the soil or the sea, Ibiza is on every plate at this restaurant – quite literally!

With its own organic garden – in which guests can take a seat and breathe in the fragrance of flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables – Giri offers a true getaway for health-conscious foodies. A kids’ area offers a place to play for the children – and a daily menu that takes diners from breakfast to dinner via snacks and tapas offers adults something for every time of day.

Daybeds on the patio promise lazy afternoons – and the open sky above the garden offers beautiful cloudless vistas to drift away to. The atmosphere is welcoming, inviting you simply to relax and tend to yourself in the café’s New Age-y ambience.

There’s a bar, of course, for anyone looking for cocktails of any kind. At Giri Café every taste is catered for – but so, too, is the mind and the soul. Relax.

In a delightful twist, the brilliant team from Can Domingo introduces their latest culinary venture, PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo, proving that Ibiza’s gourmet exploration knows no bounds. This exceptional vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free fine dining establishment is nestled in the heart of Jesús village, offering a fresh and innovative concept that redefines plant-based cuisine. Guided by the visionary chef Giuseppe Vivacqua, known for his unwavering pursuit of gastronomic excellence, this Ibiza fine dining restaurant is raising the bar for discerning food enthusiasts. It tantalises palates with imaginative and contemporary dishes, dispelling the notion that healthy eating has to be dull.

As a contemporary urban gathering spot, PLANT Veggie Bistrot is the perfect setting for special occasions and spontaneous indulgent evenings. The impeccable service adds the finishing touch to your experience, with knowledgeable staff ensuring that every aspect of your evening is met with the utmost attention. With a commitment to delighting diners of all dietary preferences, this restaurant takes plant-based cuisine to new heights. It offers a visually stunning, Italian-inspired fine dining experience within a serene atmosphere. This chic Ibiza fine dining restaurant showcases vibrant flavours using locally sourced ingredients, presenting a menu that overflows with creativity.

Perched on the enchanting northeastern shores of Santa Eulalia Bay, Steps offers a stunning terrace with aquamarine tiles and crisp white umbrellas. Adjacent to the luxurious W Ibiza complex, this healthy eating restaurant is a daily gathering spot for friends, family, colleagues, and travelers. It allures with the promise of delectable yet mindful nutrition. Open from 8.30 am until midnight, the tiered seating area adorned with comfy cushions in shades of sand, sea, and sky has become a cherished meeting point for the local health-conscious community.

Inside, the urban-styled interior revolves around the central open kitchen, where mindful chefs diligently prepare a variety of dishes to order beneath giant raffia lampshades. The unmistakable scent of freshly cut fruits and vegetables wafts through the air. For those in search of a healthy eating restaurant with a touch of flair, Steps doesn’t disappoint. Their plant-focused and sustainable menu offers an array of enticing, wholesome, and colorful dishes, as well as fresh juices, smoothies, and desserts, all designed to nourish both body and mind.

Provenance is a source of price here, with a vegetable garden in Santa Eulalia providing much of the produce. Flavour is the key to the menu, with tastebuds popping even as healthy eating remains the absolute leitmotif of the restaurant. Eat-in or take-away, fuel up post-work-out or simply watch the crowds on the nearby promenade; Steps is the perfect place to unwind, and eat healthily, all day long.

Skinny Kitchen is your go-to destination for top-quality cuisine that’s free from unhealthy ingredients. With two all-day-to-night dining concepts situated on the marina in San Antonio and Ibiza Town, this establishment is committed to providing an eclectic menu filled with innovative and nutritious dishes that cater to a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for a delightful breakfast, a wholesome lunch, or an intimate dinner, Skinny Kitchen has you covered. It offers the perfect setting for your morning coffee, brunch with friends, or a sunset soirée with cocktails and scenic sea views.

At Skinny Kitchen, you’ll discover a diverse array of health-conscious dishes designed to help you stay on track with your health goals, all while enjoying a meal out. In addition to preparing delicious low-carb meals, Skinny Kitchen also offers a selection of low-calorie cocktails, detox smoothies, and protein shakes, ensuring a holistic approach to both your dining experience and your well-being.

We love a good play-on-words and the guys at Wild Beets are just as cool as their name implies. Set in Santa Gertrudis, this place is perfect for people looking to eat out and still stick to their diet. Far from offering the standard options that you tend to get with many ‘healthy restaurants,’ Wild Beets livens up the possibilities of healthy food – you can try beetroot ravioli for example. They serve a large variety of raw, vegan and plant-based cuisine. They pride themselves on not getting caught up with fads, however, and instead provide an approach to healthy eating for life, not just for this month.

Wild Beets began as the island’s first juice bar – Sejuiced on Benirras beach – and the brand has grown ever since. They are well regarded for their ethical beliefs and dedication to providing healthy options. As well as great food, the new and modern restaurant is a very nice place to hang out, whether you are there for a breakfast to energise you for the day or you simply want to refuel with a healthy snack. Wild Beets also provide their own range of Ipurify Juices and Cleanses for anyone looking to detox and recharge their body.