Just over 20 kilometers south of Ibiza lies the enchanting and Bohemian haven of Formentera. This unspoiled gem exudes tranquility, offering pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque villages. Formentera stands as one of the most accessible places to completely lose yourself in.

The island’s beaches boast the whitest sands and the clearest, most crystalline waters imaginable, making it one of the most idyllic destinations within the Balearic archipelago. Many consider Formentera’s beaches among the world’s finest, and once you set foot there, you’ll undoubtedly share that sentiment. Venture off the beaten path, away from the main beaches, and you’ll stumble upon numerous secluded coves, perfect for escaping the crowds. Whether you charter a yacht for the day or hop on a ferry, prepare to immerse yourself in this Mediterranean paradise.