Mykonos is often referred to as Greece’s answer to Ibiza, not because of its super clubs but because of its infamous beach bars where the party starts in the afternoon and lasts deep into the night.

The most idyllic setting, it’s currently at the top of everyone’s summer wish list.  Picture bright sunshine highlighting popping champagne bottles and perfectly tanned, sculpted bodies on beaches.

Never been? It’s time to get booking. Here’s our guide to the hottest daytime destinations…

In the traditional Mykonos dialect, Alemagou means different. This restaurant lives up to that description both in spirit and in practice. It shuns the structures and norms of a more traditional restaurant for something that is more bohemian, laid-back, and easy-going.

Alemagou uses the word eclectic to describe itself – it’s a good description. In other words, the Alemagou is a Mykonos dining experience like no other. The setting is part of the attraction. It is full of people yet at the same time it is remote. It is also a beach paradise under the glorious sunshine and overlooking the sea with decor of unrefined fabrics, straw roofs, and sand floors. It’s certainly too good to be missed!

There’s no telephone, electricity, or Wi-Fi at this bare-bones taverna near Agios Sostis Beach, and that’s exactly the appeal.

Nothing distracts from the unobstructed coastal views and the simply, perfectly prepared plates of grilled octopus, prawns, and chicken and super fresh Greek salads and artichokes kissed with lemon juice.

Kiki’s is technically open only for lunch, but service lasts until early evening for those who’ve gotten a late start.

Soft golden sand; shape a heart with your fingertips. Luxurious sunbeds modelled after life aboard a yacht and the minimal glam of Mykonos; a beach where you can relax like nowhere else.

The sun seems to shine brighter here and beach life is full of taste, party, cocktails and exquisite services. Life in Psarou beach and Nammos is definitely a memorable experience. Discover how such this small, gorgeous beach of Mykonos becomes a point of reference for the good life…

Run by the same family for three generations, Nikolas is as local as it gets on Mykonos. All the vegetables and most of the meat comes from the family’s nearby farm, and Nikolas (the grandson of the original owners) catches the fish for the same-day dinner service.

Tables are wedged right into the sand of Anna Agia beach, at the southern end of the island, but shaded patio and indoor seating is available, too, for those summer scorchers.

The Principote beach club is a refuge where the wild, untamed Aegean nature blends with exquisite services and unpretentious luxury.

Wonderfully set in the well-sheltered, unspoiled fine sand Panormos beach in Mykonos, it is a temple for prestigious sun-worshippers, infused with luxuriously comfortable facilities: handmade umbrellas and comfy sunbeds, professional massage services, delightful menu options for a laid back meal on the beach and the signature Principote service, all make up for a beach summer living experience that goes beyond the expected.

For the most adventurous ones, Panormos beach features a fascinating underwater cosmos, with a lively fishy sea-bottom for memorable snorkeling adventures.

Lovers of vibrant beach-clubs have a stunning new addition to explore on Mykonos.

Described as a “multi-experiential beachfront retreat”, SantAnna is a brand new, multimillion euro beach club on Mykonos that seeks to offer experiences that go far beyond the trendy beach scene and nightlife the island is famous for.

Situated on Paraga Beach on the southern coast of the island, the luxury beach club opened its doors for the first time on July 5. The centerpiece of the complex is the enormous saltwater pool; covering 22,600 square-feet and filled with 222,000 gallons of water, it is Europe’s largest. The fully serviced poolside area covers 57,000 square feet, while the complex also features 28,000 square feet of beachside lounges and cabanas.

Consider the inspiration. Ibiza, Glastonbury and the beaches of Goa on one hand, with Burning Man and a refined holidaying in Bali on the other. Scorpios is a unique hub where the sophisticated travel meets the unexpected, spearheading a new trend of holistic beach culture—on a sun-drenched Greek island.

Encompassing a sandy sunset beach, restaurant, and live event space, Scorpios Mykonos in Greece is an all-round, balance-restoring cultural hub, designed as an antidote to the beat-driven nightclub Mykonos scene.