Nestled along the coastline of nearly every cala and cove, you’ll find an abundance of beachside dining options on Ibiza’s finest beaches. With such a wide array to choose from, you could explore a new one every day for an entire year. If you relish the idea of savoring exquisite cuisine while gazing out at the stunning seascape and landscape, Ibiza boasts a plethora of idyllic beachfront restaurants. This island attracts numerous talented chefs who contribute to its wealth of high-end dining experiences at luxurious beach club venues.

In translation, “Amante” means lover, and a visit to Amante Ibiza is bound to steal your heart.  Embark on a leisurely stroll down a rugged pathway, flanked by imposing cliffs and treated to the mesmerising sight of the shimmering Mediterranean ahead. Your destination: Amante Ibiza, perched above the secluded cove of Sol d’en Serra. This hidden gem encapsulates the very essence of Ibiza, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics crafted from natural materials that harmonize with the breathtaking surroundings of the adjacent nature reserve. Here, you’ll savour exquisite cuisine and savor the island’s most tantalizing cocktail creations.

At this remarkable Ibiza beachside restaurant, every table across its three levels offers a mesmerising view of the azure sea.  To truly appreciate the beauty of Amante, a visit at night is a must. Having earned numerous accolades and garnered acclaim for its fine dining, Amante undoubtedly ranks among the finest beach restaurants in Ibiza, if not the very best.

Embark on a sensational journey that engages all your senses, encompassing exquisite cuisine, breathtaking ocean vistas, and mesmerizing tunes spun by world-renowned DJs. Playa Soleil has become the hottest talk of the town in the Ibiza beach restaurant scene. It’s a place where you can ignite your senses and leave behind the stresses of modern life. This exciting addition to the vibrant Ibiza beach club scene offers a multi-sensory experience carefully crafted to rejuvenate your mind, nourish your body, and uplift your spirit.

Drawing inspiration from the island’s bohemian golden era, this splendid new Ibiza beach restaurant invites discerning guests from around the world to unwind on the sandy shores, bask in the panoramic sea views, savor world-class cuisine, and embark on auditory voyages guided by renowned DJs. All of this unfolds within a collection of idyllic spaces spread across the sun-soaked coastline of Playa d’en Bossa.

Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito, a charming and intimate Ibiza beachfront eatery overlooking the serene Cala Gracioneta bay, embodies the genuine essence of the Mediterranean. Reflecting the tranquility of its namesake cove, this establishment stands as one of the most relaxed and easygoing beachside restaurants you’ll encounter on the island. Its rustic ambiance exudes an air of true bohemianism infused with the rich traditions of Ibiza. Here, all patrons are treated equally, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where the warm and inviting Mediterranean spirit permeates every aspect, from flavors to ambiance to service.

In harmony with local customs, the menu at this Ibiza beach restaurant embraces Mediterranean classics and beloved Spanish dishes. Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito offers a diverse selection of shared plates to cater to all palates, ages, and dietary preferences. Picture savoring Cantábrico anchovies, Iberian acorn-fed ham accompanied by rustic bread and tomato, the iconic Russian roulette padron peppers that carry a surprise heat, crispy calamari served with homemade tartare sauce, or the delightful croquetas de sepia, to name just a few offerings. Whether you visit for lunch or dinner, dining in this secluded cove beneath the fragrant pine trees, with panoramic views of the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea, guarantees an unforgettable experience at this Ibiza beach restaurant.

Located beneath the tranquil canopy of pine trees and nestled along the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Casa Jondal is a sophisticated beachside restaurant that attracts Ibiza’s discerning clientele. Its allure is undeniable, with tables and beach beds thoughtfully arranged on the pristine, sun-kissed sands of Cala Jondal, making it a sought-after destination from the very onset of lunch service.

In the Casa Jondal kitchen, the acclaimed chef Rafa Zafra and his accomplished team take the reins, dedicated to satisfying diners with the island’s most exquisite seafood dishes and innovative takes on modern Mediterranean classics. Given its popularity, securing reservations in advance is highly recommended to ensure you can savor the culinary delights this establishment has to offer.

Nestled along the eastern coast of Ibiza at Cala Nova, you’ll discover Atzaro Beach. This restaurant is a favored choice for families and those seeking a beach experience away from the hustle and bustle of the main resorts.

Seafood aficionados are in for a treat as Atzaro Beach boasts one of the finest menus around, offering an array of fresh fish, squid, lobster, crayfish, and many other enticing dishes. Paella, a Spanish classic, is a perennial favorite, and a variety of delectable tapas options are also available.

With live bands and musicians performing, Atzaro Beach provides an opportunity for a splendid day out that can seamlessly transition into an enjoyable evening. For those seeking the ultimate relaxation experience, you can even schedule a massage—after all, the combination of partying and sun can take its toll on tired muscles.

Set on the sands at the heart of Playa den Bossa, Ibiza’s largest and most bustling beach, you’ll find the hottest name in beachside dining: Beachouse Ibiza.

This beachfront haven serves daily breakfast and lunch, delivered straight to your luxurious daybed, chic sofa, or stylish wooden table on the terrace. Beachouse introduces a new standard of service, quality, and alfresco ambiance to this continually evolving area, and it’s also available for private events after the sun sets.

Head Chef Sebastiano Altimari’s menu is rustic and straightforward, offering a diverse range of culinary delights to cater to all tastes. You can savor delicious breakfasts, fresh summer pasta and risotto dishes, freshly caught seafood, and creative and healthy salads. The restaurant also boasts a remarkable wood-fire grill and delectable desserts. To complement your meal, indulge in fresh juices, bespoke cocktails, and a thoughtfully curated wine list, all part of the Beachouse Ibiza experience.

Cala Jondal Bay is graced by the renowned restaurant known as Blue Marlin. Open daily throughout the holiday season, this establishment is a must-visit destination on the island, offering an opportunity to rub shoulders with the rich and famous while enjoying fine cuisine amidst stunning views.

Blue Marlin’s menu is a gastronomic journey that encompasses sumptuous Mediterranean dishes and unique Japanese culinary creations. This venue seamlessly blends the ambiance of a luxury beach club with gourmet dining, providing the full VIP experience. You can bask in the sunshine during the day and revel in nighttime festivities at this exclusive location. With top DJs spinning classic tunes, Blue Marlin stands as one of the most coveted beach restaurants on the island.

For added convenience, the restaurant offers a water taxi service to ferry guests arriving directly from their yachts, but you can also access the restaurant from land. Whether you’re seeking some of the finest cuisine on Ibiza or aiming to party until the early hours (as the restaurant stays open until 4 am), Blue Marlin caters to a diverse range of desires. With impeccable service and luxurious amenities, Blue Marlin exudes an unmistakable air of class and sophistication.

Cala Tarida boasts one of its top attractions: the Cotton Beach Club. This establishment offers high-quality cuisine throughout the day, making it a delightful choice for food enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of the more luxurious lifestyle.

With chic, white furniture to relax on and comfortable day beds to sunbathe on, the Cotton Beach Club is the perfect place to spend a day in the sun. It is also one of the best places to come and relax in the evening and enjoy the amazing views across the sea. Cotton Beach offers a real culinary treat, with international dishes inspired by Thailand, Vietnam, Cuba and Morocco. If you like to try different flavours, and steer away from the standard restaurant meals, then the menu at Cotton Beach should impress you and your taste buds.

Head up to the rooftop terrace to dine amongst the most stunning views, or take in the sky at night. The beach is a lovely private and sandy area that is great for avoiding the dangerous rocks that you can find on some of the other beaches. The restaurant enjoys all the facilities that you need to have a fantastic day and an even better night. Cotton Beach is a great place to come and watch the sun set whilst enjoying a drink, or party into the evening – and sometimes on into the early hours if you feel like making a night of it.

Now in its tenth season, El Chiringuito has grown in popularity over the years. Located at Playa Es Cavallet, this luxurious venue offers a slice of paradise. Spend your day basking in the sun, sipping on divine cocktails, and indulging in Mediterranean dishes influenced by both French and Ibicenco flavors. Seafood lovers will delight in the lobster and calamari, both must-try options on the menu.

With vistas extending to Formentera and Dalt Vila, this locale offers a tranquil setting where you can unwind while the attentive team caters to your needs. Resident DJs such as Mr. Doris, Andy Baxter, and Mina provide entertainment, and the subtle lighting and opulent surroundings make this venue perfect for a romantic evening or a fun gathering with friends.

El Chiringuito also boasts an excellent breakfast menu, featuring deluxe pancakes, granola, eggs benedict, and more. The drink menu is well-stocked with unique cocktails and all your favorite classics, along with an impressive selection of wines. Whether you’re seeking a day of relaxation, a lively evening, or a delightful breakfast, El Chiringuito delivers a memorable experience.

Nestled amidst sandy floors and bathed in sun-dappled light, El Silencio Ibiza captures the enchantment of Ibiza and its fiercely independent spirit, taking it to new heights through exquisite cuisine, inventive cocktails, immersive art displays, and a pool party agenda designed to evoke the nostalgia of bygone days.

Perched on the gilded shores of Cala Molí along the southwest coast of the island, El Silencio Ibiza swiftly established itself as one of Ibiza’s most coveted beach clubs upon its grand opening in 2021. Conceived by Arnaud Frisch, the visionary behind the renowned Parisian nightclub bearing the same name, this Ibiza beachfront restaurant serves as an oasis of relaxed sophistication—a place where both local and global creatives can unite beneath the Balearic sun and stars to celebrate individuality, connectivity, and liberation.

The poolside area of this Ibiza beach restaurant serves as a vibrant hub, hosting special guest DJs, events, pop-up activations, art installations, and gatherings throughout the season—yet another compelling reason to pay a visit. And naturally, no visit to an Ibiza beach restaurant would be complete without a cocktail in hand, particularly during the enchanting sunset hour overlooking the pristine waters of Cala Molí.

Famous worldwide for its iconic Experimental Cocktail Clubs in London, Paris, and New York, Experimental has made its debut in Ibiza. Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Cap des Falco, this beach restaurant is an adventure for your taste buds that you shouldn’t miss.

Throughout the summer season, Experimental offers fine, locally-inspired cuisine all day long. The menu features traditional tapas, a wide array of seafood, and delectable grilled meats to tantalize your palate. Head Chef Alex Larrea takes pride in sourcing local produce and delivering an authentic dining experience to his guests.

The drinks menu is equally impressive. Given the renowned status of the Experimental Cocktail bars worldwide, you can expect an array of brilliant cocktails to sample here—and it would be a shame not to! To kickstart the party, you can also indulge in the sharer cocktails, which are served in gigantic conch shells.

Since 1993, the renowned Jockey Club has embodied the spirit of a beach restaurant with the heart of a chiringuito, or an outdoor bar. This simple statement encapsulates the Club’s life philosophy and perfectly encapsulates its idyllic location nestled within the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

At Jockey Club Salinas, you’ll find all the services and quality of a restaurant without sacrificing the essence of the vibrant original chiringuitos: a delectable Mediterranean menu, an exclusive wine list, beachside breakfasts, sunbeds, a fruit and cocktail bar, live DJs, the Jockey shop, all within a welcoming ambiance delivered by professional staff.

To describe the menu in just three words: variety, quality, and fresh products. Don’t just take our word for it—come and experience this legendary establishment for yourselves!

In a location truly fit for a king – on the cusp of always-sunny Es Cavallet – and serving similarly regal cuisine, it’s no surprise that the philosophy behind the long-serving Ibiza beach restaurant of La Escollera is that the client is royalty!

You want it? You got it. Panoramic views across the Mediterranean Sea, multiple shaded wooden-decked terraces, a cool, open plan indoor dining space, tables in the sand, a chill out lounge area, cocktail bar, the friendliest staff and a warm, family-run vibe … and then there’s the food!

Famous for their paellas, also highly recommended are the wild sea bass in a crust of coarse sea salt from the neighboring salt-flats, and the ‘Gallo San Pedro’ (oven baked John Dory served with Ibicenco-style potatoes). The recipies are based on originals courtesy of Daniel Gonzalez’s mother, and have stood the test of time – to date, more than twenty years.

Yemanja is a top-tier beachfront restaurant nestled in the picturesque Cala Jondal region. It presents an exceptional opportunity for patrons seeking exquisite cuisine and leisure in a sun-soaked setting. Accompanied by a captivating soundtrack that plays throughout the day, this idyllicly situated establishment stands as one of Ibiza’s most established beach clubs.

Their menu is a highlight in itself, featuring delectable paellas, fresh seafood, and an array of health-conscious options to indulge in. A visit to Yemanja guarantees an unforgettable Ibiza experience that you’ll cherish and be delighted by.

Aiyanna Ibiza is a genuine beach restaurant, strategically located on the pristine sands of the Cala shoreline. As the sister restaurant of the renowned Amante Ibiza, Aiyanna offers uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea, complemented by a menu that blends a contemporary ethos with a creative love for the unexpected.

The theme at Aiyanna revolves around refreshing twists on traditional Mediterranean cuisine, featuring the clean, classic flavors of local Ibizan produce combined with revitalizing superfoods and exciting sharing plates. Provenance is of utmost importance, with Aiyanna boasting its own organic vegetable garden and sourcing fresh fish and meat from the island’s finest providers.

Aiyanna’s natural décor, designed to harmonize with its idyllic surroundings, makes it a splendid spot for dinner and special events like weddings. This is a restaurant where relaxation is at its core.

Surprisingly close to Ibiza Town, you’ll find the hidden beach of S’Estanyol. Nestled within this central-yet-secluded spot is Cala Bonita, a restaurant with a charm all its own. Equal parts refined and rustic, this restaurant has a romantic atmosphere that few other venues can match. With glorious sands stretching down to the glittering Mediterranean Sea, it’s a very special place to dine.

Executive Chef Pau Barba has garnered a much-deserved international reputation for the sophistication of his menus, and Cala Bonita’s menu is no exception. Focusing on fresh and local produce, the restaurant’s specialty is seafood, serving creative iterations of traditional favorites.

The charcoal and wood-fired grill is a centerpiece of the Cala Bonita experience, significantly contributing to the quality of the menu’s meat and fish dishes. Hand-crafted cocktails and a curated wine list perfectly complement each and every dish. A midday brunch leads naturally into late lunches, which in turn become candle-lit dinners from 8pm. From sun-kissed afternoons to moonlit evenings, every moment is magical at Cala Bonita, and diners can stay until 1:30 am.

Few beaches on Ibiza are as iconic as Benirras beach, and Elements Ibiza boasts a prime spot here. It’s a restaurant, a lounge, a cocktail bar, a juice bar, a boutique, and a treatment plus massage room all in one. All of these aspects of the Elements experience are provided within an ecologically-conscious framework, and the design of this chic beach club establishes a relaxed atmosphere that encourages guests to stay and enjoy it all day.

The Elements menu is the work of head chef Mauro di Mauro and is an expression of all that is wonderful about Ibizan cuisine. Freshly made organic pasta sits alongside line-caught local fish, and most fruits, vegetables, and herbs arrive directly from Elements’ own organic garden. This focus on local provenance is central to the menu, with local olive oil, beer, salt, chicken, and homemade breads all featured.

Elements’ beachfront location makes it an ideal base to spend a day by the Mediterranean Sea. The music is first-rate, and the treatments available in The Heal, Elements’ specialized treatment room, offer the perfect complement to the hearty and healthy dishes. Whether you opt for detoxifying juices or slightly naughty cocktails, Elements has something for everyone. On Sundays, Elements becomes even more special, with vibrant celebrations featuring exciting talent of all kinds.