The beach club is the very quintessence of Ibiza, and the island’s venues are rightly famed throughout the world. These clubs aren’t just for the night-time, either – in fact, the full Ibizan experience is to be present all day, and follow the party from its hazy beginnings through the heat and into the night. These are the beach clubs you need to know about.

Glitzy, glam and everything you’ve ever heard about Ibiza’s VIP scene and more, the original Blue Marlin Ibiza – located on the pebbly shores of south coast hotspot Cala Jondal – is the undisputed king of Ibiza’s beach club scene.

Being one of the most fashionable and entertaining beach lounge clubs in the world, it’s always worth arriving at Blue Marlin early to make the most of the day-to-night, open-air experience it offers. With beats floating over the airwaves by day, toes start tapping on sunbeds and the beach before the restaurant even opens its chic terrace for lunch.

As the day gets hotter, the music gets louder and the party vibe on the terrace heats up! Slowly but surely, the first dancers creep in front of the booth and before you know it, the party has started. Around sunset is prime time at Blue Marlin, a veritable fashion show with the who’s who of Ibiza and the international jetset strutting their stuff on the terrace.

Increasingly known as a house music party destination, day clubbers can see some of the world’s best DJs gracing the decks throughout summer. After dancing all day, head indoors to the soundproofed mini-club where the party continues until dawn, leaving you just enough time to catch a wink of sleep before doing it all over again.

Nikki is famous the world over for seaside sophistication, gourmet cuisine and attracting the world’s most glamorous people – and its Ibiza destination ticks all the boxes. The club occupies a stunning beachfront property in S’Argamassa, a tranquil bay just minutes from Santa Eulalia – decked out in the brand’s signature white, of course.

VIP all the way, a variety of stylish events are hosted in true island style at Nikki Beach Ibiza, all summer long. Enjoy exceptional cuisine, great music, cosmopolitan vibes and pool parties – complete with sparkling views of the sea and the many million-dollar yachts bobbing offshore.