Ibiza is a haven for epicureans and offers a treasure trove of culinary delights waiting to be explored by anyone passionate about fine dining. The island’s rich abundance of locally sourced, high-quality ingredients forms the cornerstone of most fine dining menus in Ibiza. If you have a deep appreciation for food, Ibiza has a wealth of options to satisfy your palate.

In this section, we present a curated selection of the island’s most remarkable gastronomic experiences, with a strong emphasis on quality and seasonality. Regardless of your culinary preferences, Ibiza offers a diverse array of fine dining establishments to suit every taste, and each one promises a meal that will leave a lasting impression.

Nestled within the secluded cove of Sol d’en Serra lies the enchanting Amante beach restaurant. It’s not the kind of place you stumble upon by chance, as the only access is via a rugged footpath. Yet, the journey is well worth it once you uncover all that Amante has to offer. Thanks to its breathtaking location, panoramic views, and superb facilities, Amante is a highly sought-after wedding venue. However, it’s equally idyllic for those seeking a cold, refreshing cocktail. Moreover, Amante hosts regular movie nights under the starry sky, creating a cinema experience like no other.

Under the culinary direction of Head Chef Carlos Fernandez, Amante’s menu is carefully curated to offer a selection of health-conscious dishes, featuring locally sourced organic ingredients and Mediterranean- and Spanish-inspired cuisine. Visitors who come for yoga sessions often find themselves staying to relish the wholesome breakfasts offered throughout the week.

To truly appreciate the beauty of Amante, a nighttime visit is a must. Having garnered numerous awards and high praise for its fine dining, Amante undoubtedly stands as one of Ibiza’s premier beachfront restaurants, if not the very best.

Bambuddha, an Asian-themed culinary haven, offers a truly distinctive dining experience on the island. Drawing inspiration from the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and incorporating local flavors, Bambuddha presents a delightful fusion of tastes that promises an unforgettable dining adventure.

As the name implies, there’s a distinct Buddhist and spiritual ambiance that permeates this establishment. Stepping into Bambuddha feels like a journey to Asia rather than a visit to the White Isle. Ornate decorations, decor, and furnishings set the perfect backdrop, creating an atmosphere where you can revel in both fine dining and a vibrant party scene. This venue is a favorite among VIPs seeking something beyond the ordinary, making it available for private gatherings. Bambuddha boasts a superb selection of cocktails and a well-stocked bar, ensuring there’s a libation to suit every preference.

Nestled discreetly amidst the rolling hills above San Antonio, Sa Capella is a cherished Ibiza fine dining establishment that has left an indelible mark on the island’s culinary landscape since 1978. In 2023, the restaurant underwent a remarkable transformation, rejuvenating its storied walls with the utmost care and respect for its 16th-century heritage.

Sa Capella effortlessly marries tradition with modernity, seamlessly blending historical charm with contemporary sophistication. Notably, a cutting-edge open kitchen now takes center stage in the heart of the chapel’s interior. Guided by the culinary virtuoso, chef Martín Vazquez, the enticing aromas emanating from the wood-fired grill serve as a tantalizing prelude to the culinary delights that await.

The revamped Sa Capella places an unwavering emphasis on the essence of premium ingredients, coaxing out their flavors through meticulous preparation and specialized techniques. Here, simplicity reigns supreme, allowing the natural qualities of the ingredients to shine through, resulting in a dining experience that is simultaneously comforting and innovative.

Casa Maca stands as one of Ibiza’s trendiest culinary destinations. Perched atop a hill on the outskirts of Ibiza Town, the restaurant boasts breathtaking views of the iconic Dalt Vila skyline. As part of a boutique hotel bearing the same name, Casa Maca offers more than just great dining; it also grants its guests access to the Airstream bar and laid-back chillout areas, ensuring a leisurely experience where there’s no rush to leave. From breakfast, served daily until noon, to à la carte lunch, gourmands can indulge in a delectable menu built on the foundation of local, organic produce, much of which is harvested from Casa Maca’s on-site farm.

When night falls, the open-air dining area takes on a magical ambiance of its own. Overlooking the farm, with a prominent grill at its center, Casa Maca’s kitchen transforms beautiful meats and fresh fish, along with ripe vegetables, over a smoking fire, creating a unique and immersive atmosphere. Adorned with twinkling fairy lights, this enchanting space comes alive with live artists and DJs playing chilled-out sets (and, naturally, craft cocktails!).

Casa Maca epitomizes the warm, sociable atmosphere for which Ibiza is renowned worldwide. While it maintains a relaxed and informal vibe, the restaurant is a haven for food enthusiasts, and its regular events, such as open-air cinemas and craft workshops, add an extra layer of enjoyment to this truly exceptional venue.

Cipriani, an internationally renowned restaurant, is an integral part of the legendary Ibiza experience with its classic Italian cuisine and famous atmosphere. The restaurant’s ambiance seamlessly blends modern elements with furniture reminiscent of the 1960s, creating a unique and inviting setting. Its culinary offerings combine the finest flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. Situated in the east wing of the Ibiza Gran Hotel, Downtown enjoys a picturesque location overlooking the harbor.

This Venetian-style kitchen, known for its stunning views, introduces a sense of simple luxury, relaxed sophistication, and timeless elegance to the island. The restaurant and lounge’s design draws inspiration from tradition while embracing a contemporary sensibility. To enhance the experience, Downtown Cipriani offers both indoor and outdoor dining options, complete with a Harry’s Bar, classic dishes, and other delectable specialties.

Situated along the stylish Marina Botafoch harbor, with enchanting vistas of a stunning lineup of boats against the iconic Dalt Vila skyline, IT Ibiza shines brightly on the island’s gastronomic landscape.

Under the culinary leadership of two-Michelin-star chef Gennaro Esposito and his esteemed colleague, head chef Massimo Larosa, IT Ibiza stands as the epitome of fine Italian dining on the island. Drawing inspiration from southern Italian cuisine, the menu masterfully blends tradition with contemporary techniques and inventive concepts. Picture the essence of Italy infused with haute cuisine finesse and an authentic Ibiza flair.

At IT Ibiza, each plate is a masterpiece of culinary art, yet it’s the genuine flavors and freshness that truly stand out. Here, simplicity, taste, and texture are held in high regard. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood, including exquisite ‘crudo’ (raw fish), alongside homemade pastas, premium meats, irresistibly crispy pizzas, and captivating vegan and vegetarian creations. An extensive wine list complements the menu, and an experienced sommelier is readily available to assist you in discovering the perfect wine pairing.

Stylish, vibrant, sophisticated, and romantic, IT Ibiza transcends the boundaries of a typical restaurant; it is a remarkable culinary experience in its own right.

For those who are intrigued by innovative culinary concepts, there’s a remarkable spot right in the heart of Ibiza, offering a breathtaking view of the Old Town and the Ibiza marina. Izakaya introduces a modern Japanese cuisine infused with South American influences, presenting an exceptional shared-dining experience that harmonises perfectly with Ibiza’s cosmopolitan character.

Drawing inspiration from the maritime essence of the Balearic Islands, Izakaya’s design evokes a sense of yacht living: walnut wood planks, polished stainless steel accents, and a focus on social interaction. The show kitchen at Izakaya serves as a central hub for socializing, where groups of up to fifteen guests can partake in an inspiring culinary performance while seated along the gleaming steel countertop. Suspended above, a stainless steel, polished lamella ceiling mimics the play of water reflections, mirroring and enhancing the unfolding narrative of Izakaya living.

Outdoor cabanas and poolside dining extend the Izakaya experience under the sun, and the relaxed spatial setting is enriched by thoughtful bespoke design elements. As the sun sets, sun loungers transform into cozy dining spaces, and with DJs infusing an energetic vibe from sunset through dinner, Izakaya transitions into a hub of music and revelry every night.

Jul’s transcends the realm of a mere restaurant; it’s a place where sharing, camaraderie, music, culinary delights, libations, entertainment, and live performances blend to create an emotionally charged dining experience. At Jul’s, diners embark on a culinary journey that traverses from Spain to Greece, seamlessly uniting various flavors and atmospheres through its decor, textures, materials, and colors.

The cuisine at Jul’s is nothing short of remarkable. Executive Chef Christos Fotos invites you to savor the extraordinary flavors of Mediterranean gastronomy, imbued with his signature Greek influences. Assisting him, Second Chef Gianis Kaldanis is a maestro when it comes to desserts, reimagining classics to unveil delightful surprises with each bite. Every ingredient is thoughtfully chosen and sourced, with the herbs plucked directly from Jul’s own aromatic garden. Jul’s presents a fresh perspective on Mediterranean cuisine—come and immerse yourself in its diverse array of flavors and experiences.

Nestled amidst the chic boutiques and bustling dining scene, Zuma’s rooftop location reigns supreme as the unrivaled Japanese culinary gem in town. Offering awe-inspiring vistas that stretch across the shimmering waters of the Ibiza Marina, towards the historic Dalt Vila, and the charming Ibiza old town, this restaurant boasts a setting like no other.

Zuma reimagines the traditional Japanese Izakaya style of informal dining, creating an immersive culinary experience. The menu takes diners on a thrilling journey through bold and intense flavors, expertly prepared in one of the restaurant’s three distinctive kitchens: the main kitchen, the sushi counter, and the robata grill. This concept draws its inspiration from the culinary traditions of northern Japan’s fishermen, adding an intriguing depth to the dining experience.

Whether you seek an unforgettable gastronomic adventure or simply wish to savour a drink while taking in the mesmerizing views, Zuma promises a dining experience that transcends the ordinary and immerses you in the extraordinary.

Nestled within the breath-taking national park of Las Salinas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the sizzling new addition to Ibiza’s fine dining scene, MAINE Ibiza, invites you to embark on a culinary journey like no other. As the sun gracefully sets over the distant salt flats, immerse yourself in carefully sourced cuisine and sip on sensational signature cocktails in this captivating setting.

Located amidst the iconic white-tinged salt flats of Las Salinas, where flamingos grace the summers, MAINE Ibiza introduces an innovative gastronomic concept within an abundance of alfresco space. Housed within a lovingly restored 18th-century finca, this hot new destination boasts enchanting gardens, a shaded outdoor terrace, and a mezzanine-style rooftop that offers uninterrupted views of the mesmerizing scenery. Here, exquisite food and breath-taking vistas collide, creating a dining experience beyond compare.

The transformation of La Gaia restaurant, situated within the island’s exclusive Five-Star Grand Luxe-rated resort, the Ibiza Gran Hotel, has seen it emerge as a chic culinary hub, spotlighting an innovative fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

Under the guidance of Head Chef Óscar Molina, the new La Gaia menu draws inspiration from ‘Nikkei cooking,’ a unique blend of characteristic flavors and ingredients hailing from Peru and Japan, infused with his own imaginative twists influenced by contemporary culinary trends. Each chef handpicked for his kitchen specializes in either Peruvian or Japanese cuisine, ensuring an authentic, top-quality, and original dining experience.

Begin your journey with tantalizing sips of Wasabi Martinis or Pisco Sours, accompanied by delicate light bites like Amélie oysters with granny smith sauce and wild rosemary, scarlet shrimp tempura, or truffled tofu. When it comes to the main course, the Nikkei Parihuela stew and Tataki-style beef sirloin shine as standout options. However, if making a choice proves too challenging, you can opt for the exceptional tasting menu or indulge in some of the finest sushi available on the island.

In a remarkable culinary transition, renowned chef Ángel Zapata Martín has traded the bustling streets of London for the enchanting shores of Ibiza, where he now takes the helm at Lado Ibiza in Marina Botafoch. Here, a culinary concept that ingeniously reimagines traditional sharing plates with an Ibiza fine dining twist has emerged, making it an essential destination for discerning gourmands from across the globe.

Nestled within the refined ambiance of Marina Botafoch, where opulent super yachts command attention against the backdrop of the iconic and ancient Ibiza town skyline, Lado Ibiza stands as the area’s inaugural Spanish fine dining restaurant. It sets a lofty standard, showcasing the sheer magnificence of Spain’s cuisine when crafted by a Michelin-calibre chef.

With an unwavering commitment to spotlighting the rich heritage and vibrant flavors of his homeland, Ángel has curated a menu that pays homage to Spain’s culinary tradition while introducing captivating contemporary twists. The result is a symphony of diverse tapas dishes that breathe new life into beloved classics, relying only on the finest ingredients. These dishes are then presented to a cosmopolitan and discerning clientele, adding an international flair to the quintessential Spanish dining experience.

La Veranda is an exquisite terrace restaurant nestled within the Agroturismo Hotel Atzaró. Operating throughout the year, it offers a fresh and delectable Mediterranean menu, predominantly sourced from the bountiful local farmland. With a menu brimming with delightful dishes showcasing the finest that the Balearic Islands have to offer, La Veranda is an absolute culinary gem.

Surrounded by fragrant orange groves, aromatic rosemary bushes, and the invigorating countryside air, the restaurant’s airy dining room and sun-soaked terrace create a harmonious connection with nature. Set against the backdrop of majestic mountains, dining here is an immersive experience. Coupled with the daily harvest of fresh produce from the surrounding gardens, the culinary creations on your plate truly elevate your senses, providing an authentic feast for both the palate and the soul.

Early risers will delight in the renowned hotel breakfast, which is open to non-guests as well and served until noon. For lunch, the Healthy Veranda Menu beckons with three nutritious courses accompanied by refreshing cucumber-infused water, all for just 30€ per person. During the high summer season, the restaurant extends its offerings to include evening dining in its stunning courtyard, allowing you to savor gastronomic excellence under the balmy Balearic night sky.

Many come to Ibiza specifically to experience its renowned night-time dining. The range, intensity and refinement of the dining experiences for which it is known are unrivalled – and Laylah places itself both at the centre and the apex of that legend. It puts pleasure at the very heart of its diners’ experience, emphasising exploration – of cuisine, of texture and of flavour.

Given its location – a stone’s throw Ibiza’s nightlife triangle of Pacha, Heart and Lío – diners would expect Laylah to adopt a nocturnal, decadent ambience. They won’t be disappointed: darkly lit and discreet, the restaurant offers an enveloping, even intoxicating, spot to enjoy close conversation, beautiful cuisine … and whatever else follows afterwards. The décor adds to this air of indulgence, from copper-topped tables to buffed leather sofas. Every detail has been considered.

In fact, part of this careful curation is an eschewal of the usual conventions of dining. Structured seating plans are not for Laylah. Instead, communal dining is the order of the day, emphasising the social element of food and creating an atmosphere that focuses on how food is eaten, and with whom, as well as merely on the plate itself.

As far as the plates go, a potent Israeli influence ensures that every dish is bursting with exciting flavours – sparking further conversation and exploration. The focus on sharing plates only redoubles that emphasis on the social, with homemade focaccia arriving alongside homemade zaatar, tahini and tomato salsa. Roasted cauliflower is served with tahini and green chilli, and king prawns arrive with spicy mayo.

Style and society take centre-stage amid all this, with peerless cocktails and the best DJs providing world-class music seven nights a week. This is the place to start an Ibizan night with fantastic food – and in exciting company.

Maymanta, the latest gem in Ibiza’s fine dining scene, draws its inspiration from Peru and finds its home at the Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe, a hotel already celebrated across the island. Nestled on the hotel’s stunning rooftop, Maymanta treats diners to breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean as it gently laps at the shores of Santa Eulalia harbor.

Maymanta has swiftly become one of Ibiza’s culinary hotspots, largely owing to the culinary brilliance of Chef Omar Malpartida, who infuses the menu with his Peruvian heritage. Journeying through flavors from the Amazon to the Andes, Maymanta promises a gastronomic delight for discerning palates.

The menu emphasizes the sharing of plates, offering a tantalizing selection that exudes the essence of the Pacific but also draws from Chef Malpartida’s acclaimed experiences in Madrid. It has been thoughtfully designed to complement the stunning Ibiza landscape that surrounds the restaurant. Traditional ceviche and tiraditos coexist harmoniously with punto humo and anticuchos, Ibizan fine dining specialties skillfully reimagined by this talented chef, inviting guests to indulge in shared culinary experiences.

To truly savor the essence of Maymanta, gather your friends and join us at sunset. With unmatched food, ambiance, and views, this experience will leave an indelible mark, making it a memory you’ll cherish forever.

Ibiza Bay is home to a culinary revolution on the White Island, courtesy of the renowned master sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa. His eponymous restaurant, Nobu, offers Japanese-Peruvian fine dining in the exquisite setting of the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay.

From dawn till dusk, Nobu delivers the exceptional cuisine celebrated worldwide, from New York City to Talamanca Bay. This internationally acclaimed fare is served in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and unpretentious, perfectly matching the tranquility of the Ibizan landscape that surrounds it.

Nobu’s open kitchen takes center stage, alongside the sushi preparation area and the long bar adorned with high stools and subtle lighting. This splendid setting creates an ideal spot for evening cocktails, offering the vibe of a bustling city-center hotspot with skilled chefs providing their unique form of culinary entertainment. Witness their expertise at work while indulging in fine South American tequila, bespoke sakes, and an expertly curated wine list.

However, the true star of the show is the food itself. Combining the flavors and techniques of South America and Japan, many of Nobu’s signature dishes have achieved iconic status. From the perfectly marinated and grilled Black Cod miso to the Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño, Nobu’s cuisine has been imitated widely but never surpassed.

The menu at the Ibiza restaurant also introduces new dishes inspired by the island. The padron pepper crispy rice and the savory edamame draw inspiration from Ibiza, while the plentiful waters surrounding the island supply ingredients like Formentera prawns and locally sourced seabass, adding unique local touches to Nobu’s storied repertoire.

Prepare to be captivated by 1742 Ibiza, a culinary marvel that marries exceptional gastronomy with unbridled creativity and mesmerizing performances. Perched high among the historic walls of Dalt Vila, this Ibiza fine dining establishment is under the masterful guidance of 2-Michelin-starred Dutch chef Edwin Vinke.

Ibiza is rapidly establishing itself as a global foodie hotspot, and destinations like 1742 Ibiza are garnering the attention of culinary connoisseurs worldwide. Upon arrival, guests are first led to the ground-floor wine cellar, a haven showcasing some of the world’s most spectacular wines, beckoning for indulgence. With a glass of fine wine in hand, visitors then ascend to the rooftop terrace, where breath-taking vistas of the glittering city unfold below, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

However, the true spectacle begins when you take your seat. Vinkes’ culinary artistry unfolds with six delectable appetizers meticulously designed to awaken the palate. From this point, the 1742 Ibiza menu embarks on a tantalizing journey for the senses, featuring flawless and delectable cuisine centered on sustainability, authenticity, and the use of locally sourced, 0km produce. Edwin’s creations are a testament to his commitment to the island’s culinary heritage, utilizing ingredients harvested from the nearby land and sea. To ensure precision in crafting these culinary masterpieces, he even had a custom-built kitchen shipped to the island.

The magic of Can Domingo unfolds through a harmonious fusion of delectable Italian cuisine crafted from the finest ingredients and a setting of unparalleled beauty. Underneath the shade of a centuries-old olive tree, skilled mixologists craft cocktails at a stone bar, setting the stage for an enchanting evening. Amidst the charming garden, diners are treated to panoramic views of the sea and countryside, while indulging in generously portioned dishes, meticulously prepared with love and precision.

To elevate the experience further, a carefully curated soundtrack of laid-back, eclectic beats, provided by a rotation of resident DJs, imbues the air with an aura of enchantment. Dining beneath the boundless Ibiza sky at Can Domingo is akin to a culinary symphony, where nature, artistry, and flavours converge to create unforgettable moments. It’s a place where time seems to stand still, and each bite is a reminder of the beauty of simplicity, all while under the spell of Ibiza’s endless charm.

The View, a restaurant of the highest caliber, did not choose its name by chance: it offers some of the most breathtaking panoramic vistas on the island, providing uninterrupted views of the glistening Mediterranean and the iconic Es Vedra. From sunrise to starry nights, every moment of the day is enchanting within The View’s interior.

Located at the 7Pines Kempinski, The View’s stylish and neutral color scheme sets the stage for its sophisticated interpretation of vibrant Asian cuisine. With its glass frontage creating the illusion of floating above the sea, the restaurant serves a sumptuous menu that features exquisite meats, fresh seafood, and select vegetables, all expertly grilled on the restaurant’s Robata grill.

An open kitchen takes center stage, allowing diners to witness the culinary magic unfold. An exceptional wine list, thoughtfully curated with recommended pairings to please every palate, complements the dining experience. For those seeking an extra level of intimacy, the twelve-seat chef’s table offers direct interaction with the heart of the kitchen, where new and unique dishes are crafted exclusively.

The View isn’t labeled “innovative and inspired” without reason. Its contemporary decor and relaxed ambiance are perfectly aligned with personalized service and an enticing menu, delivering a refined dining experience like no other. Gourmands will find themselves in culinary heaven, and while floating above the azure waters of the Mediterranean, they might just feel a bit closer to the clouds in more ways than one.